innocent jennie (blurredserenity) wrote in artconnection,
innocent jennie


Both applicants have been accepted, the final decision came down to me, and that doesn't mean your votes don't matter, it means there aren't enough active voters.
Patrick, or, deathlovelife, has been banned.
I'm sorry for the no voters that are getting nulled, but the reasons you voted for were out of context to what you should have been voting for.
anyway, this is all I have to say. be active, maybe show us some of your talent, I'd like to see it, in a few days, all the members that gave me thier addresses should be getting some letters, respond and I will send you the journal.
okay. have fun kids, I think yoursweetsorrow, or whatever left the community anyway, so she might not be accepted if she doesnt come back.
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