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i am liz. i am 21. i am from the chicago suburbs. i draw, i write, i compose and play music, and i take pictures. here is some of my work, most of which can be found in my personal journal or on my webpage. it's not most of my work, but most of what's on the computer. i want to save some for when/if i am accepted.

this is my AIM profile and probably my livejournal one too.

i think it would be ethically wrong for me to be happy, becuase the world isn't right. as a member of the human species, i take partial responsibility for this despitethe fact that i was not personally there for the "fall of man." anyway, although i can't help but perpetuate the wrongness humanity imposes on our planet (dueto the fact that civilization is a literal prison), i feel guilt for living this way. i alleviate this guilt by doing whatever i can to maintain a certain level of misery in my life. i've had it pointed out to me that my abiding discontentment is nothing but a personal choice. they don't believe me when i say i am already aware of this fact, because they can't fathom why i would consciously choose to be unhappy. well, this is not only my explanation but my excuse to sabotage anything good that comes into my life.

here are some photos.

nevermind. there is one photo. the rest are deleted.

here is me.

here are a couple drawings.

here is an essay i wrote.

sorry my wording in the application sucks. i will say more if anyone wants. i'm just in a bad mood.

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