Quinton Veschlovious Cocks (rhythmic) wrote in artconnection,
Quinton Veschlovious Cocks

Ok so so so sorry I haven't aplied sooner. I get caught up in school and just have no time. Anyway about me...

Name: Christopher Nicholas Guy
Age: 20
Location: Denver, CO, originally from TX.

Who I am: Well I'm Guy and I'm currently a Graphic Design student at The Art Institute of Colorado in Denver. I plan on getting my associates in Graphic Design and then going to FIT in NYC for a bachelors degree in Fashion Design. I have been an artist all my life, constantly drawing, painting, and building. From elementary school all the way trough high school I received many awards and scholarships for my artistic efforts. After graduation I lingered about for two years trying to decide what to do with my life until I finally decided to get a degree in Graphic Design.

My Hobbies: One of my biggest joys in life is my Photography, I love just going around taking pictures of everything. If time and money allow I would also love to take a few courses on Photography while i'm in college.
My other hobbies include but are not limited to...
Drawing, Graphics, Web Design, Advertising and Marketing, Business, Computers, Sculpture, Dancing, Traveling, and anything fun.

What Do I See In My Future? I've always been ambitious and super driven to achieve my dreams and goals. Now granted, I do fall off track ever now and then, but that's just because I get inpatient. After I graduate from FIT with my Fashion Design degree I hope to combine my knowlege of Graphic Design, Art, and Fashion and launch my own clothing line. I hope to one day be as big as Versace and Valentino. To see my designs grace the glorious bodies of the Hollywood red carpets.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, shut up and show us the photos already!
Ok here are few examples of my art, photography, graphic design, and two designs I did for a fashion show back in 2003. Enjoy!





*The gowns were still in the construction state.

Ok that was more than a few...sorry if you are on 56k. :)
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