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ok heres the app.

Name: aLi N.
Age: 17
Location: Boston, MA
For my app, i decided to use the first chapter to the novel i am writing. I dont think that i could express myself any other way, so enjoy!

Chapter 1
A sigh escaped her lips as the morning sunshine crept through the windows.

I rolled over and lay my hand across her bare stomach, letting her body heat warm it. She jumped from the coldness of my hands but then relaxed into the comfortable position in which she moved. My head rested on her shoulder as her head rested on mine. She gazed at me, and kissed my forehead, allowing me to relapse in her state of mind. I had a flashback of the night before, and I couldn’t believe that I was waking up with the newfound love of my life.

She just lay next to me, with her arm wrapped under my neck and around my shoulders, sleeping so peacefully that I felt guilty about startling her. I closed my eyes and imagined that we were truly a couple that would last forever, and we endured this routine every sunrise. I opened my eyes and realized that I shouldn’t try to predict or jinx the future. What would come in the near future would be far out of my imagination and realization.

I love how I can look at her and know that my feelings are real, and I love how she can look at me and cause her eyes to pierce into my soul.
She has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen; almost like a cat, it’s amazing. They are an amazing shade of hazel, which eventually turn to a green or a blue, and could stare into the very depth of your soul. She has a cute little button nose that is perfect to give kisses to and perfectly fits her oval shaped face. Her lips are very delicate, but perfect for kissing. They are a light shade of red and always crave the attention from other lips. Fortunately, my lips give her the attention that she needs, or her lips need. She has this cute little chin that curves into her cheekbones that allow her to show her feelings easily.

I think everyone has a person that they can truly relate to, a person to confide in, share secrets with, and a person to relate to. I think that once you find this person, you become so emotionally attached, that your emotions take over. You can’t think, because your mind is fuzzy, your perspective on everything converts to the ever popular, “what do you think?” and not your own true opinion.
Its almost scary that you can become totally reliant on another persons decision making and feelings, and not your own. What the fuck? I mean, what do are you supposed to do? Aside from becoming emotionally attached to this significant other, you are also totally unaware of your lack of decision-making.
This relationship soon becomes your whole life, and what you noticed before, seems to have desisted. The smell of hairspray, the trash that has taken over your room, all seems to have disintegrated into an unimportant aspect of your life.
If your lucky a good friend will be there to listen to you, or smack the sense into you, not allowing you to turn into a complete mess. After you realize what a complete mess you have become, you sit down and think.

Thinking only gives you a headache. It doesn’t do you any good to think only because you draw conclusions…conclusions that could ruin everything
At least, that’s what happened to me.

I don’t want you to draw conclusions about me. I don’t want you to think that I’m a lovesick human being that can only dwell in her morals and opinions. However, I do want you to hear a good story about a small town girl, trying to love the “unlovable.”
Until the next,

I hope you enjoyed it, my heart and soul is going into this book....
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