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a subtle apology

So i guess im accepted into this community. Im sorry it was against the wishes of some of the members, and ill try to make it up to you.... but i did include some more info. if you guys want to read it/

[Unknown LJ tag]
+Name your favorite band, and explain how they make you feel+
My favorite band at the moment has to be A Perfect Circle. I have always been a fan of Maynard's work, and i find that his voice can be both relaxing and angry. Their latest cd (12 steps) is absolutley orgasmic, and i could listen to them for hours.

+Describe your favorite time of the day+
My favorite time of the day is when the sun has just set. it is still somewhat light out, but not light enough for you to read or anything. Just right enough for you to make out certain objects or people without knowing any details

+What is your favorite color, and what emotion does this color represent to you+
I guess my favorite color has to be magenta. This color, to me, represents both relaxation and pleasure. I think it could show that you are in a peaceful state of mind, but also being creative at the same time.

+What qualities do you think an artist must have to be considered great+
Ah, to be considered great, must be quite an accomplishment. I think that if an artist, or a writer can make others feel a certain emotion through their work, it is great. To look at a piece of art, and feel sadness, longing, peace, happiness- anything, that is what i believe art it. When you can hold an writer's work in your hands, and cry, because one of the main characters felt "infinite" or amazing.... that is great.

+What is your favorite kind of art, and why+
Im partial to alot of work in black and white, whether its charcoal, chaulk or b&w photography. I really dont know why, but i think that if you have the imagination to see colors on a page, that doesnt actually have them, shows creativity.

+What about your personality is unique+
To be unique, i think i hold the personality traits of a good listener, but not one that follows all the rules (obviously). I hold strong opinions and morals on life, love and certian experiences, and i stick to them. I do art and writing for me- not anybody else.

+Who is your favorite artist/writer, and what about them makes them special to you+
there are to many. I dont play favorites.

+What contributions could you give to this community+
I guess i could contribute a storng opinion, some advice, and another view on life and artwork.

+Describe Beauty+
Beauty is when you know who you are and are not afraid to show it. If you are at complete ease with yourself and comfertable with your decisions, that that is beautiful.

Name : aLi
Age: 16- turning 17 in april
Location: close to Boston, MA
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