innocent jennie (blurredserenity) wrote in artconnection,
innocent jennie


I wanted to tell everyone that if you have previously recieved a letter from me, be expecting ANOTHER one, because I am extremely unorganized and dont exactly know to whom I sent what. Currently, the only reply I've recieved is from sondra, who will be replied to very soon. I wonder, sondra, if you would like for me to send a notebook/journal, or a sketchbook, it is your preference, because you will be the first to recieve it. I will also probably send a few extra stamps with the note/sketch book just to assure that I may have a better chance to get it back. So, think about the media you will use, and choose the kind of book, and I will send it to you shortly. Until then, everyone else who wants to recieve the artconnection floating journal bullshit (i think I am going to leave it up to you guys to decorate it) send your address to Until then, thanks to the people who have actually posted something. I may try again sometime soon. thanks.
your truely obnoxious mod-woman
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