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connecting nothing


1) You could write a paragraph or so, creatively or not, about who you are, what sort of artistic things you do, and why you are worthy.

i am brady. i am an artist, always have been -- most likely always will be. i paint, draw, write, sing, act, dance, build, play.. anything expressive. it's a sickness. and i am worthy because i would be crying if i were not.

2) You could make up and answer ten questions, though, they can not be one word answers, and they must be some what creative. Your name, age, location, and artistic abilities are not a part of the ten questions, they are required.

1: what was the single?
ten times biomolocule distortion to the eighth sequence. (doubled)
2: when did tommon keep sober time?
i had the flu.
3: why is it not?
it's not.
4: why is this stick.. not.. wait.. you don't have any steam, no?
i wasn't planning on cooking but be my guest.
5: no?
for the millionth time.
6: a racecar is traveling at 150mph and weighs 1 ton. why is the sky blue?
it actually has alot to do with posative charges built by static movement. we automatically default "blue" with the frequency of [NULL]
7: does your head hurt?
that's a stupid question. no.
8: this is a question.
no it's not.
9: 38928x3232(45a)=XX(.04)//65+65+65(.0440a(x34))=?
10: if you don't answer this, will you be rejected?

3) You could explain who you are by posting some art/writing that is about you, and explaining how it defines or represents you.
If you think of a better way of presenting yourself, go for it, but I can't promise great results.

may i please just refer you to my journals?
rhinohed - my writing journal
bradystarr - my image journal

4) If you don't like any application choices, or you cant think of any questions to ask yourself, I'd be happy to think of some for you, just ask me here, on a mod post, or on my personal journal blurredserenity

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