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Hello robots

heres my survey

+Name your favorite band, and explain how they make you feel+

Oh yes ,music. listen to about anything I can get hands on.But if I have to single out an artist/group at this moment it would have to be: A silver mt Zion.
The song "for wanda", makes me cry and makes me a bit sad.But it's the good kind of sadness,the type that makes it good to cry and apreciate the happy stuff in life. It triggers something in me, maybe Its the sound of meloncoly seagulls.

+Describe your favorite time of the day+
Night time aroud 10-11 pm this is when i get creative,Its also a very nice time to cuddle up w/bf
This is when i get the time to think, read a good book and sift of into the dreams.

+What is your favorite color, and what emotion does this color represent to you+
green and purple

+What qualities do you think an artist must have to be considered great+
In my opinion an artist is great when he/she finds the connection between the pen(or whatever tool you use)and the heart.Art is when you give something of yourself that forms a creation,that gives something back to the viewer.

+What is your favorite kind of art, and why+
oh right now its art nouvou like Mucha, and others like Aubrey beardsly.
Of the newer modern art I admire Serano.

Mucha is just an artist that has this wonderfull way of simplifying the shapes and figures and still managesto make tham so advanced.And also for giving me this inner gasp of joy when i see his work.

Serano for his way of challenging our way of thinking (example "pisser christ")

Aubrey bearsdley for his complex but interesting illustrations. His beautiful way of drawing with passionate lines. I get all loopy inside.
+What about your personality is unique+
Um ..hmm I am good at seeing things from different angles.And a good problem solver

+Who is your favorite artist/writer, and what about them makes them special to you+
Isabel allende, Roald Dahl,William Burroughs

Isabel allende for her beautiful words

Roald Dahl for his lovley wit

William Burroughs for his strange adventures that are slightly surealistic .

+What contributions could you give to this community+
my work,my thoughts,findings
+Describe Beauty+
beauty is in the eye of the beholder
beauty is.. allover the place.It depends if you want to see it or not.

I have a little gallery at deviant art

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