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S1: Hello, my name is Salena, and I am going to have an interview today with SALENA! So, let's get down to business... First thing is first, Salena... I have to ask you, where did you get your name??
S2: Well, it was NOT from the singer, seeing as it is spelled wrong! Actually, it was the name of my great great grandmother, but not really. Her name was spelled Selina, and when I was born, my Dad, the terrible speller and writer that he is, filled out the birth certificate. Bad judgement on my Mom's part, but my name is unique and cool nonetheless. However, the middle name, Myrle, lacks something to be desired.
S1: So what do you like to do for fun?
S2: Well, normally, I listen to music. Music seems to get out everything that has been bottled up inside of me. Music is definately a great fun for me, but my favorite fun is drawing! I have a sketch book with drawings of outfits that i have designed. It is my favorite thing to do. Any time I am working on my art, I feel so complete. Everything truly seems to disapear.... Other things I like to do for fun are singing, writing songs, and of course being with all my dorky friends. There is nothing better than a good friend to cheer you up.
S1: So, Salena, is there anything that really inspires you while working on art?
S2: Actually, yes. Usually things that inspire me are music, or current situations. Right now I have been really thinking about having to go off to college in a month, and being away from my best friend in the whole world. Everything that I have been working on lately has something to do with her. I am making a huge book full of art work for her. I think she will love it and right now, she is definately what inspires me.
S1: So, I heard that you like to write songs.... Can you tell me more about this?
S2: Yes, I sure can. I LOVE to write songs. I have a huge book of songs that I have written. Although most of them are not close to being recordable, they help me get anger and happiness out.  Most recently, I wrote a song and actually recorded it in the studio with my best friend, Brandon, and we performed the song at our graduation. It was very rewarding to have my lyrics heard and loved by most all that heard them. It still brings happiness to me that one song could make so many people happy.
S1: So, do you have one favorite color that is just really YOU?
S2: I'm SO glad you asked. I am obsessed with Pink!!! My room is "pepto pink" as my family calls is, and everything about my life is just pink. I know it's girly and happy, but pink brings me so much joy!
S1: So do you have a favorite band or 2?
S2: How about like million? Okay, I will narrow it down. Since I am so utterly obsessed with music, as you may know,  My favorite bands include... The Starting Line, Something Corporate, Incubus, A Newfound Glory, Finch, and Midtown. Like I said, music is one of my inspirations...
S1: Is there any part of you that you wish you could change?
S2: There is a lot about me that I wish was so different, but normally, you really can't change who you are. Everyone wants to change themselves, nobody can be perfect for themselves. I guess I would have to say that I would like to change the fact that I let people say and do a lot of hurtful things to me and I just take it because I am nice. Sometimes I just wanna be like "No more Miss Nice Girl!"
S1: What is your living arrangement?
S2: As of right now, that is before I head off to college, I live with my Mom, Step Father of 14 years, and my 13-year-old black lab, Sara. We are just like a normal family, until you meet my dad. and I kid you not, he is the most repetitive man you will ever meet, so take my advice and don't meet him.  Other than that, I have 2 brothers that live with him and my step mom in Florida, and sometimes i go to their house and stay, but not for long incriments of time.
S1: What kind of person were you like in high school?
S2: Well, I went through many stages. My first years, I was the drooly little girl that wanted to fit in, but never quite did. As I got older, I started to realize my values and morals, and I became the type of person that people grew to ignore, which sucked on my part. I spent most of my later years with a choice of friends that I adored called the "dorks", and we all still live together happily ever after. I was also a cheerleader in high school, but not one of the over-the-top peppy ones, we don't really have those in our school.
S1: Well, our interview is starting to come to a close, is there anything else you would like to share with this interested audience?
S2: Sure. I guess it would be nice to show them a couple of my pieces of art work:
<img src=""
<img src="">
I would also like to add that I am 18 years young, and that I am from Clinton, Michigan. Small, Quiant little town, but happy enough. Thanks for your time!

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