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This is a rating community, not based on looks, but on the quality of your creative personality. We rate you based on your individuality, ability to think creatively, and your artistic expression.
After you are accepted, you will be allowed to post your art work, your writing, talk about art, or yourself.
This is an art community, but it is also a pen pal community, and when you are accepted I will ask for your address. I have a side project for my members. I will send you a journal, in which you can write, draw, glue photographs… anything, and then send it back to me, so I can send it to the next person (because of address issues). Have fun.


There are 3 free spots left, if anyone is interested in becoming a member without being voted on (you still have to fill out an app) comment on the mod (blurredserenity)'s post!

The mod can, and will do what she pleases, when she pleases, how she pleases. I can deny applications, I can accept applications, regardless of the voting either way, if I decide the voting or the nature of the votes was unfair. I can and will ban people for being fucking idiots, for insulting people's artwork, for doing nothing. I can erase anything you post. But, I'm just a fun kind of kid, it shouldnt happen unless you really piss me off. :) Have a nice day.
You must put at least a moderate amount of thought into your application entry, this is just obvious.
You can not vote or comment on any entry but your own until you have been approved by blurredserenity or cobainscrotch (who secretly are the same person :))
If you want to have a friendly debate with a member about their vote, go ahead, just don’t bitch and whine, because that will only get you rejected.
You MUST have an example of your art/writing. If you don’t have a picture of your art, submit some writing, if you don’t write, describe your art (though, I cant promise anyone is going to want to read it, so it might not do you too much good, but you still must do it)
You must submit you application within a few days of joining, if you don’t, I will first warn you, and after that, you will be automatically banned.
Other than that, have fun.

If you have any problems with a member, or have any questions, please contact me on my journal blurredserenity or email me at cobainscrotch@yahoo.com

Express yourself, The Application

You have a few choices for the application.
1) You could write a paragraph or so, creatively or not, about who you are, what sort of artistic things you do, and why you are worthy.
2) You could make up and answer ten questions, though, they can not be one word answers, and they must be some what creative. Your name, age, location, and artistic abilities are not a part of the ten questions, they are required.
3) You could explain who you are by posting some art/writing that is about you, and explaining how it defines or represents you.
If you think of a better way of presenting yourself, go for it, but I can't promise great results.
4) If you don't like any application choices, or you cant think of any questions to ask yourself, I'd be happy to think of some for you, just ask me here, on a mod post, or on my personal journal blurredserenity
At the end of the application, tell us your name, age, and location, and an example of your art (if you didn't use it already)
So, have fun, and be creative, I will get sick of reading bland applications really quick.

The Accepted
yousweetsorrow (i think, if she comes back)

The Rejected
...a long lasting reminder to always use the LJ CUT.
The community dumbass.